Top 10 Goalkeepers In The 21st Century

So far, there have been many football player transfer records established. But among those contracts, people hardly hear the name of a goalkeeper.

That Liverpool paid € 75 million for Alisson Becker last year was a signal that clubs are more aware of the importance of a good goalkeeper.

Let’s count down the 10 best goalkeepers currently to see how they play in the success of the club or the national team.

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10. Keylor Navas

For four years at Real Madrid, Navas has contributed significantly to the club’s three Champions League titles.

Unfortunately, he is always under pressure when both fans and experts keep questioning who would take Navas’s position in the next season.

Now that Thibaut Courtois has transferred to Real Madrid, Navas is no longer the first choice of the coach. He has to sit on the bench most of the time, especially in important matches.

Whatever people say, Navas still deserves to be on top 10 best goalkeepers. Perhaps what causes him to be less popular with the press and fans is that he has lived too secretly without shocking statements.

9. Gianluigi Buffon

Some might be surprised when seeing the name of Gianluigi Buffon on the list. “He is 40 and not at the peak any more!”

Football becomes commercialized, but Buffon had proved himself for not sticking to a club due to money or trophies but love and responsibility.

Buffon left Juventus after 17 years for Paris Saint Germain in the summer of 2018. This is probably the last stage of his journey.

Although the Italian star no longer plays the best, he is still stable and reliable. Especially his experience is a treasure with a young team like Paris Saint Germain.

8. Hugo Lloris

Lloris had a successful year in 2018 when this goalkeeper always played as the backbone of Tottenham and the French national team.

Above all, he made a significant contribution to the championship of Les Bleus in the last World Cup.

Lloris is among the top goalkeepers who possibly leave the penalty area to play as a sweeping midfielder. But it is a fierce game. Sometimes, his kicking becomes a stick to beat him with.

However, the goalkeeper has a magnificent performance as a whole, especially in the Premier League. Lloris’s ability to pull off breathtaking saves reminds supporters of his manager – Mauricio Pochettino.

Hardly anyone can get him out of top 10 list.

7. Manuel Neuer

Neuer is always on the top of best goalkeepers in the world. His talent is proved since Neuer has achieved almost every title in his career, from the individual to the club titles.

Back then, Neuer had a nickname “Schnapper” as he always grabbed all the balls before his goal.

Compared to Casillas or Buffon, Neuer has an outstanding ability to play football with his feet very well. The German goalkeeper is ready to rush out of the round of 16m50 and use his legs rather than his arms.

Now that he makes mistakes sometimes and are performing less effectively due to injuries, not many goalkeepers can reach his level.

6. Ederson

In 2017, Ederson moved to Manchester City after a recording contract which valued at € 40m, which was the result of a phenomenal 2016/17 season when Ederson kept 17 clean sheets for Benfica.

Back then, there had been no goalie making such a record value.

Pep Guardiola is delighted and believed Ederson for his master in using the leg to create the accurate passes which can be transformed into goals.

Surprisingly, Ederson has the passing ball rate at nearly 83.5% – equal to that of his teammate, Paul Pogba.

At the same time, the 25-year-old goalkeeper’s ability to judge and catch the ball is also excellent.

Ederson now has become an indispensable pillar in the Man City squad.

5. Marc-André ter Stegen

It was gone the time when the press called Stegen as “a new Manual Neuer” since the similarities in their playing style. From the rank on this list, Stegen has already surpassed Neur.

Now they call him the “Messi goalkeeper” due to their equally important role at Barca team.

Germany superstar has always shown a stable and sensitive ability, even ultra-excellent in many situations. He has a combination of nimble footwork and excellent shot-stopping.

Ter Stegen is 27 and the best years are ahead of him. In the next World Cup, he might take the gloves of Neuer for Germany national team.

4. Alisson Becker

Currently, Alisson is the most expensive goalkeeper in history after signing a blockbuster contract with Liverpool.

Right from the first match, he had an excellent introduction and has maintained that performance during the first half of the 2018/2019 season.

Compared to Lloris and Ederson, Alisson even plays football with legs better. In the list of goalkeepers at the top clubs in the Premier League, he was the only one to perform more than 1000 passes, and the exact pass rate is 78.9%.

So far, the Brazilian star plays exceptionally well and becomes the prop in the wooden frame of Liverpool.

3. Thibaut Courtois

An attractive face to the press – what Real always likes!

Just having moved to Real Madrid since the last August, Thibaut Courtois has taken over the opportunity to play of Keylor Navas.

It is reasonable. Although Navas still maintains the stable level, Courtois is at the peak of his career.

That’s true because even though Navas maintains a stable level, Courtois is at the peak of his career. He was awarded “Golden Gloves” – the best goalkeeper at World Cup 2018.

2. Jan Oblak

In four home games in the Champions League this season, this goalkeeper lost only one goal. Even CR7’s dangerous shot also gave up in front of Oblak’s goal.

Choosing the right positions is his prominent quality.

Since the first Champions League in September 2014, Oblak has had 22 clean sheets.

At the same period, no one did better than him, even Gianluigi Buffon (20 matches), Manuel Neuer (17 games) or Keylor Navas (15 games).

In La Liga, Oblak gets Zamora in three consecutive seasons.

These statistics all prove one thing – Oblak is the most stable goalkeeper in the world today. Yet, he is rarely mentioned.

1. David de Gea

The goal king is De Gea

Although many supporters claim that Oblak deserves the No. 1 position, more people will support De Gea.

For good reasons.

After years, the Spanish star is still Manchester United’s No. 1 superstar. In any case, he knows how to shine and help the team overcome difficulties.

In the match against Tottenham recently, De Gea saved the team 11 times. This is a goal for a goalkeeper in the Premier League this season.

He combines the two traits to make him the best goalkeeper and a hero at the same time: the consistency and the ability to make gravity-defying saves.

Above is the list of top 10 Goalkeepers in the 21st Century. Do they really deserve their place? Follow their performances here.

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