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OPINION: Humble Pie

I doubted the players and the management would have time to turn things around and we would finish outside the play-offs. I asked them to prove me wrong and they did. I thought that the damage caused by the previous management set up was too deep but clearly it wasn’t. Unfortunately though, we had another season of wasted opportunities and political undertones that cost us promotion.

Whether the points we could have obtained would have propelled us to automatic promotion is another matter, but we will never know. I am hoping that next season we will have an affinity between management and players, so that the political issues of the last two end of season’s doesn’t reoccur.

We are now in the most comical of periods. Close season. This is when the Iron Bru community throw players names into the ring or hat. Being linked with 50 or 60 players by the users for three months, only to find none of them named get signed. It’s told you so punditry. I’m as guilty of it as anyone.

We have lost and are still yet to lose some pivotal players that need replacement. Bishop was to me a club hero, a stalwart and I do hope this club have not seen the last of him. The perma-crock Williams remains the best player we never had, a true talent lost through an unfortunate blight of being injury prone.

Hopper was always a grafter, ill served during many of his games. An eye for a goal, but could never seem to overcome the ill service so looked a worse player than he actually is. Crofts, a strange signing to start with could never make his mark, again due to injury but more due to a lack or need to fight for a place.

Johnny Margetts was yet another club signing in the like of Vose, Kee and others. He stood no chance of breaking into the squad. Clayton Lewis is another.

A disappointing release is Jack Dyche. I am a big advocate of bringing youth through the ranks. I heard no bad of him, perhaps he wanted more and needed more?

Thankfully we retained Holmes and Townsend. The latter was ill treated by the previous management setup, soon to be put back after their departure. The fans could never understand his exclusion- part of the politics no doubt. A welcome retaining. Another is Duane Holmes. Whilst we have taken up an option, there is still a danger he may not yet line up in the claret and blue next term. Given that money talks, I do hope that he starts the season on our pitch and not up in the Championship. Clearly that is where he should be. Inch for inch he is the best player to don an iron shirt for 10 years. I do so hope we can keep the vultures away.

We will have to wave goodbye to Adelekun. Depending on wind direction and his frame of mind he was a brilliant frustration. Clearly talented but an attitude and ethic that would test the patience of Jobe, managers and fans alike. I would love to see what he can do away from GP, let’s see if he becomes the star he clearly can or a bench warmer of a Championship club. I wish him well and give him thanks for when he was sublime.

We have struck quickly into the transfer market signing this Olufela Olomola fella. As we all seemed to struggle with Adelakun’s name can we please all refer to him as Fela. A diminutive striker that may well suit to be paired with someone up front I do hope his signing signifies a departure from D and D’s reliance of one up top. He will look a poor player if not, but that reliance I do suggest was because of tools in the toolchest which was inherited by them after GA’s departure and the one way striker sale in January.

To come in? I will leave that to the usual guess merchants and armchair pundits but like all of us think, Ryan Yates would ice any cake. Fingers crossed it can be done. I would take a season long loan as he plays football for whoever’s kit he has on and would love any Bosman money we get for Hakeeb to be put to good use to get him as ours.

Gilks looks fragile for the season’s start so would need to grab a loan keeper and after Liverpool’s Champion League’s departure the list of those available may well have been added to.

I am going to refrain from predicting where we will be next season. Cash ridden clubs on the way down never helps, but we now know who we will have to contend with until May 2019.


Rob Richardson

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Written by Will Montag

Will Montag is an English Literature graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an avid reader of fiction, and a lifelong Iron fan. Will enjoys various outdoor pursuits in his spare time.


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