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When you first arrive on, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available at your fingertips.

Bookmakers have made a name for themselves online, working through the mathematical processes to provide and share the best odds ready for a stream of online gamblers. Not only does this research allow them to provide customers with the valuable information, but it also allows them to track what their competitors are saying. Gambling is all about staying ahead of the game; being reactive and proactive.

The online bookmaker market is incredibly saturated, and checking through the vast numbers of competitors is a task no human mind could ever keep up with. Enter the odds comparison website, and in this case, we are looking at, which unites 70 different bookmakers onto one comparison site.

Upon clicking and arriving on the website homepage, you are immediately able to navigate where you want to be, with a simple menu running down the left-hand side allowing you to select your odds by sport.

Anyone can visit the website for free, and are immediately greeted with the Popular Matches, Live Odds, and Next Matches. This degree of user interface makes Oddsfan easy to use and access for all, and the mobile responsive version of the site is just as customer friendly. All the odds are updated constantly and are structured in the form of tables which are easy for the eye to follow quickly.

Oddsfan engages the classic and easily recognisable green and red arrows to show the movement of betting odds in each event, with fast navigation allowing users to keep up with all the latest odds within mere seconds. Users are able to switch between different events and different sports quickly and easily, with Oddsfan covering sports being played in over 60 different countries.

In short, you get all information required in the convenient format and have a possibility to be quickly redirected to the event page at the required bookmaker, once you have selected the best odds.

One of the greatest selling points of Oddsfan is its very simple ability to switch from a Light to a Dark screen. By allowing users to switch the screen from black font on white to white font on black, Oddsfan eliminates any chance that a user may be unable to use the site easily, making the site accessible for all.

There is an online gambling support page by which users can seek assistance across any area of the website or their interaction with the online betting community.

Oddsfan provides exactly what you would expect from an online betting comparison site – a solid community of bookmakers, vast amounts of live-updated research, and over 70 different sports – most of which you won’t need but all of which are interesting in their own way!

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