North Lincolnshire Council return stadium redevelopment planning fee


Scunthorpe United have announced that North Lincolnshire Council are to return the planning application fee for the redevelopment of Glanford Park, because of the failure to determine the application within the required time period.

A statement on the club’s official website confirmed that £56,117 will be returned to the club following a formal demand by the Iron’s solicitors to the Council on 3rd April 2019.

The club first submitted its planning application on 2nd August 2018 and a decision should have been reached within a 13-week statutory time limit for major planning applications.

Iron chairman Peter Swann said: “Cllr Waltham sought to justify the council’s continued delay of our application as a matter of the ‘process needing to take its course, which he could not interfere in’.

“The return of our planning fee demonstrates that the Council have not followed due process at all.

“The Club is in no mood to celebrate the fee announcement, given the circumstances and exasperation which has caused the Club to engage it’s solicitors to recover that fee’

“This delay has deprived the council of a much-needed five figure planning fee at a time when council finances are under pressure and the Club are still unable to build our new stadium.

“The new stadium is vital to securing the long-term financial viability of Scunthorpe United and the council’s ongoing delay to our application is jeopardising this and is clearly, as a matter of consequence, adversely affecting the Council’s available funds”.

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