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Sports supporters here in Scunthorpe have a little choice when it comes to watching local teams competing on various levels in England, with a strong emphasis on our football squad Scunthorpe United. Except the Iron and some other clubs or athletes representing our city, we may have one unexpected candidate whose international career could be worth following, and in an interesting discipline, too. Descended from around these parts Natalia Breviglieri is a professional poker player.

As far as serious high stakes live poker playing goes, there might not be too many opportunities in our town (maybe Quicksilver Amusement Centre), compared to bigger centres offering some real action. We are talking however, about one of those inclusive and relatively uncomplicated games that invites virtually everyone, with promises of good earnings and a little fame. This and the thrills of competing against professionals is what attracts people of various backgrounds and from all around the globe. If fortunate enough, they could not only make a decent living out of it, but maybe even a real way of life filled with exotic travels and features at telly-covered live tournaments. To some extent, this may very well be how things look like for Natalia Breviglieri.


Some might say she is yet to have her big break, in true sense of the word. While it may be so, it cannot be said she didn’t gain some recognition. Given that her professional career is often being highlighted by and other big opinionative media centres on the internet, you may be sure she has made a little bit of name for herself in this business. Her easy-going attitude and overall qualities certainly help the case, and may be one of the reason partypoker signed her as their pro team member. They seem satisfied with the choice. It’s hard to ask for a better-looking ambassador for your brand. Frankly, we personally believe she is the prettiest face in the industry, but perhaps we are a little biased.

Natalia is no stranger to major live tournaments held in the most exotic locations all over the world, as well as finishing them on paid positions. Her adventures would take her to places like Russia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Australia, Morocco, Belarus, Canada and United States. According to online hendonmob statistics, she started earning money by playing poker back in 2010. Humble beginnings consisted mostly of some low-level events in nearby Nottingham. In the later years her career picked up some pace. To this date, the biggest success for Breviglieri has to be finishing 4th in $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Ladies Championship which was the part of the famous World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. That has also been the biggest cash prize she received in one sitting so far – 45,683 dollars. This amounts to a total of $279,550 for the time being, but she is expected to make more in the future, as well as take home some prestigious trophies.

Natalia can often be spotted playing online, using the screen name “N4talB”. She is known to frequent many regular games and special events held at partypoker platform.

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Written by Will Montag

Will Montag is an English Literature graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an avid reader of fiction, and a lifelong Iron fan. Will enjoys various outdoor pursuits in his spare time.

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