Diary: It’s never the failure that kills you – it’s the hope


Have you all started to believe yet? Even just a little bit? I know I have after Saturday… And I know I’m not the only one too!

Alright – it might only be for the Play-Offs, where an inevitable defeat by Millwall would surely await us: but who cares at this point? Having been a lowly 14th at Christmas; and having won our last 4 games with only 1 loss in 10 – the Iron’s late charge for the most unlikely charge for our season to not be over just yet.

But that’s the thing isn’t, it’s still unlikely. Surely? With 2 points and an inferior Goal Difference separating ourselves from Barnsley (who were 9 places below us at Christmas and seemingly destined for relegation sat in 23rd!), it will stake a Herculean effort.

Think of this diary as a rare sprinkling of reasoning, in an otherwise over-ambitious world. After an absolutely perfect Saturday with every result going our way – the real sense of optimism came rushing out of the away end at the final whistle, the roar surely heard all the way back at Glanford Park… £26 to stand in front of a wooden bench and behind a steel stanchion didn’t seem bad value for money by 5 o’clock!

This humble diary isn’t the place for a million different result permutations – we can all do that ourselves… That may well change after a win on Saturday as the optimism flies off the Richter Scale though! But will the optimism be rewarded? Statistically, of course not… To win your last 6 games consecutively (which is exactly what we’d need to do), to scramble to 6th is the sort of extraordinary story that never happens to us. Well – not until this May anyway!

Win or bust on Saturday, it really is that simple. Might we perhaps look back at the end of this season and wonder whatever all the fuss was about? We certainly will do if we can’t quite scramble above both Barnsley and Gillingham in the next 180 minutes.

None of which would have mattered, had we not really begun to believe. The very fact that we have come so close is very much still a shock – can we remember all the missed opportunities? It’d take more than this blog just to dissect the Blackpool games, never mind anything else! It’s the hope that makes the fall all the sharper – but you can never miss what we never had.

This week’s plans are very much short and sweet. Win on Saturday or it’s game over. Nothing more, nothing less. The above pictured offer from the club deserves fantastic credit – and it would be a crying shame if Glanford Park weren’t close to a sell-out against Port Vale. What else could we hope for? Given a certain Humber rival’s battle with their club and owners treating fans like idiots (and even abolishing the concession category!), we should appreciate the very envious glances coming our way.

So get your backside down to Glanford Park on Saturday! Even the cinema is more expensive than that nowadays, never mind a couple of pints down the pub… And even if it doesn’t work out quite the way our dreams hope – isn’t it better to have believed, just for a little while? Let’s make sure the Doncaster Road End really is sucking the ball into the goal for once.

And then, you just never know. To render even the likes of myself speechless, is one of the truly beautiful things football can do. Let’s just hope it’s happening for all the right reasons a week on Sunday eh?

It’s never the failure that kills you, it’s the hope.~

P.S. Don’t forget – we’re looking forward to see everyone at Flag Day at Cafe Indie in town after the game on Saturday. Organised by the Iron Trust and our very own Bru – it should be a cracker!

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Written by Max Bell

Scunthorpe United Fan and match summariser for BBC Radio Humberside.

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