Iron Chairman Peter Swann says Bolton Wanderers ‘manipulated the system’


In an extraordinary night of controversy, Scunthorpe United Chairman, Peter Swann has launched a scathing attack on Bolton Wanderers, claiming that the now Championship club ‘went up by manipulating the system’.

Talking to BBC Radio Humberside on Thursday evening, Swann said, “I don’t think Bolton should have gone up,” he said. “I think financially they were in a huge mess and I still think now that things will come up that show Bolton went up by manipulating the system, as a lot of teams do. We are seeing now the Financial Fair Play, teams that are being done for that – Forest and QPR.

“But you look at a team like that (Bolton) who struggled to pay their wages and we, on a third of their wages, were fighting in the league and doing so well, I think deserved that second spot because we did everything right. Why should a team that is run well, pays its taxes and does all the things it should do have a disadvantage over a team or teams that can go into hundreds of millions of pounds worth of debt and still get promoted?”

He went on to say, “The whole system needs a good look at, it really does. And if they don’t do it now it’s only going to get worse because we have got more and more investment coming from outside UK – India, China, America, Russia, and they don’t understand our British game. I just get the feeling more clubs will spend and spend and spend, just fall to the wayside.

“We have got to get a grip of it now and I’m hoping the EFL, over the next season or two, will address that. “Hopefully Bolton won’t go into liquidation and make it more annoying for all of us… But I bet they will.”

Swann’s spectacular broadside is sure to rile Wanderers fans, club officials and raise eyebrows around the division, after a truly enlightening night for Iron fans.

If you missed the radio broadcast, it can be found here.

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Written by Will Montag

Will Montag is an English Literature graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an avid reader of fiction, and a lifelong Iron fan. Will enjoys various outdoor pursuits in his spare time.

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