Iron chairman disappointed with controversial equaliser


Scunthorpe United chairman Peter Swann said he was “really disappointed” with caretaker manager Andy Dawson and captain Rory McArdle following a hugely controversial equalising goal in the 3-2 defeat to Plymouth Argyle.

Argyle goalkeeper Matt Macey threw the ball towards the sidelines to get treatment for an injury mid way through the second half, but Iron winger Josh Morris kept the ball in play and chipped the stricken Arsenal loanee to score.

Swann suggested post match that he’d have supported the decision should Scunthorpe have allowed Plymouth to score to make amends for Morris’ unsporting behaviour.

“I don’t think we responded as well as we should have done as a football club in a sporting manner”, he told the press.

“We’ve been a very honest, hard-working club over the last six seasons.

“I like to think we play fair football so that was really disappointing. I’m really disappointed in what happened.

“It was hard to watch. Andy is only young and it is a huge decision to make, but there are enough people there to make the right decision.

Argyle went on to win the game 3-2 but were relegated with Scunthorpe as Southend snatched a late winner against Sunderland.

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  1. What a load off ————!
    Great way to deflect criticism on his decisions this year on the appointment of manages and signing off players!
    This was not a head injury and the referee did not stop play. I wonder if we had stopped up would he had said the same?
    Week chairman trying to hide behind a professional carrying out his job!!

  2. Expect McArdle to make a decision – no chance!
    Don’t hear many chairmen criticising their own players for diving to win penalties which could also be considered unsporting. Just saying.
    Hopefully this will be the encouragement Mr Swann needs to replace the manager and captain.

  3. No decision to be made Morris did his job and scored a good goal. What’s up with all these so called experts? The keeper passed the ball to Morris and he scored from it, do they not know how the game is meant to be played. There was no injury on the keeper just the desire to waste time while 2.1 up. Leeds were the fools last week for letting Villa score. The game only stops when a player is injured and not when he’s crying for his mummy to come and kiss him better. Wage thieves the lot of them.

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