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    I would really love to see him stick a goal away against that whinging and whining manager’s team from the end of the A180! Listening to him you would think they were the only club in the EFL to suffer because of COVID.
    And also the doubly rub it in would be a big Kev special followed by a celebration right in front of him, was dreading this game three weeks ago but can’t wait for it now.
    Mr cox and his team deserve a big pat on the back for beginning to get the club back in into the club it was three seasons ago, still a long way to go but they have reignited my passion for the club after it was beginning to slide very quickly away.

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    He’s not the new Steve Torpey, perhaps not even the new John Gayle.

    But he could be the type of forward we’ve been missing for a few seasons and a type you probably need in League 2.

    Registered On: December 25, 2013
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    I gave him stick for one truly appalling performance but haven’t said another word against the lad since.
    He has been isolated, left without support and criticised by some for not turning in great performances with all odds stacked against him.
    It was always clear that there was something of merit in the lad and as the team has turned a corner – he is starting to show what he can do.
    Hard to compare him to a Gayle but let’s just hope that something Torpeyesque emerges.
    If he keeps on making these slow, gradual improvements – he will become a good player.

    (The only player I have gone for over the years has been Hakeeb. I notice that RH commentators are starting to spot his attitude lacks something.)

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