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I have gave him the benefit of the doubt with the situation he inherited from Swann, also appreciative of the fact he has saved the club by clearing outstanding tax debts and paying the wages when there was nothing left.

But there are worrying signs that’s cannot be ignored:

Why are creditors still owed money when we are continuously signing players?

Are the new directors required to invest and if so, what has changed to make this happen?

Are 1899 members getting their money back?

Most importantly, what is going on with Glanford park? A new ground won’t be arriving in 2 years and a groundshare will send the club under. At the moment it seems we are relying on goodwill from Swann or the lengthy legal process it takes to evict a tenant from a commercial premises. Even if we managed to somehow remain there for 12 months we will eventually be getting kicked out.

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