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Maybe it’s the miserable bar stewards that haven’t one good word to say about the club they say they support.

This is a more interesting comment that some might think.

I’d definitely come under the “Hilton-sceptic” camp here but it is not because I haven’t got one good word to say about the club. It’s precisely the opposite. It’s because I care about the club that I will always question those running it. What are their intentions, what are their motivations, what is their background? Because I want what’s best for the club and I don’t want its name to be dragged through the mud. Look at what the last 10 years have done to us: we’re a complete laughing stock and even when we were flying higher under Swann we were deeply unpopular around the leagues for splashing the cash & a chairman who picked so many arguments with people in the game. I want Scunthorpe United to be respected as a club, not just for its achievements on the pitch, but for what it means to the town, for its youth teams, for its social engagement, in general for doing things the right way.

I found it almost impossible to proud of the club under Swann and I don’t want to feel that way again. Hilton, for me, has got off on completely the wrong foot and has made many of us very sceptical. It’s on him now to change that perception.

Ultimately, I’m an optimist and want what’s best for the club. I don’t want us to go the way of Bury, Darlington, Chester, or many other non-league clubs. I want a Scunthorpe United we can all be rightly proud of.

Up the Iron, up with questioning.

Cracking post.

I imagine Lord Kitchener will internally combust trying to process a dual position on the matter

I do hope so, she’s obviously not playing with a full deck.
Says one thing on here and something completely different under her own name on the Happy Clappers site.
Just an attention seeker, I could think of other names for her but I’ll save those for later.