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Bucks I spoke out about his business plans and them not being enough to recoup his losses and provide a foundation for te club’s future,simple maths about outgoings ,incoming and the value of the proposed properties in this area were enough to tell anyone that.
Yet you continue to claim that his plans were viable and by claiming that I hated rich people and couldn’t possibly understand as much as you about business .Although I’d wager I bake better pie too.
Because of this spending the club owed millions and was less able than the majority to weather the Covid storm.
You claimed Swann was minted and would be building a new stadium with his own money,I told you it would be loans,even after he said he would need and or investors you still said “it’s his money he can do as he likes”
You even backed him when he tried the shares grab.
Aren’t you tired of being wrong?

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