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The Chairman’s latest statement is probably the most frank, humble and honest one he has ever made.

Personally I am putting any anti ownership emotion on hold until the seasons outcome is determined. Time to wholeheartedly get behind the club and the team whilst we try and work the miracle.

If that’s what you take from this statement, it probably says more about the tone of previous statements.

I don’t see what’s changed: we’ve signed a bunch of rejects & unproven players at the last minute, replacing the “star” signings from last summer. We have seen it all before and it rarely works – remember how well it went three years ago when we barely won a game from February onwards?

I hope this last-gasp throw of the dice can save us but I can’t see any grounds for optimism. And even if it does save us, what will we do differently in the future to stop us ending up in this position in 12 months’ time?

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