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Millen, Davis and Kenyon are supposed to be on their way. According to twitter we’re in for Anthony Grant as a replacement for Kenyon.

Not sure about Millen but rumour is he’s on his way and now we’ve got that Young lad from Wolves Hill probably doesn’t feel we need Millen. Hill is also looking at an experienced CB replacement for Davis.

Also rumoured we’re sending Hackney back due to the ban and getting another loan CM player to cover for him, which would make sense as he’s out for another 5 games and when he’s back he won’t be match fit.

If Grant does sign along with an experienced able bodied CB with Nuttall…that’s not half bad.

Grant, Feeney, whoever the experienced CB is will be much needed experience. I still think we need another striker though to go with Nuttall “if he signs” and Burns.

I wish Swann would pay KDT’s contract up and we could move him on and get Andrew in his place, as all he’s doing is cluttering up the place and taking up a space on the quota.