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What is the point of paying off the loan?, if all that we bring in is young players that have never kicked a ball in any football league match!!!!, they will be like the present squad, “out of their depth”, we all know that we need a couple of experienced players, but who is going to come to Scunthorpe in iys present situation. The team lost again today, listening to Humberside radio, they got off very lightly at 2-0, and could easily have lost 4 or 5 nil. At the same time, we never looked like scoring, this seems to be the in thing nowadays, I think that it is time for fans to look eleswhere for their Saturday entertainment, simply because you are not going to get any at GP.

If like myself,you find it difficult to lose contact with the club, it might be the answer to do as myself, pay the ¬£10 i-follower fee when the game is actually shown, or just listen to the radio, if it isn’t on there/ just face it,”you are not missing a lot”.