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The answer is more likely to be that Stockport never accepted defeat, and even attacked when losing, drawing or winning, not like our pathetic lot under Cox, who did not know how to win, our record prooves it fully.

This was great to watch, and would certainly put a few bums on seats if we ever played like that, but we never get any Cup runs together, so lets just dream of what could be. If we face the truth, I think that our club is about finished, even under Keith Hill, the rot has set in too deeply, and presently, we have no league players, no money and losing cash every week, we have lost 40% of our supporters, and rooted to the bottom of League 2, and have this embargo of the Football Leagues hung round our necks, so Mr Keith you have some task ahead of you, and just hope that you manage it. The big problem is that if by some means we do stay in the Football League, how the hell is next season going to be any different????????

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