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It was good to see the better movement and passing, and for the first hour we played some good football. I thought that Hackney was possibly our MOM, but the team appeared to run out of steam during the last 20 mins, and Salford spent far too much time in the Scunthorpe third of the pitch.

I would love to see young Wilson on the bench, and brought on for this latter 20 mins when others are flagging, how Jarvis failed to score when the ball came back off the inside of the post God knows. This manager has started to put his stamp on things, it is a pity Swann left it so long with Cox in charge, and it appears that a lot of the players are very unfit, so when Cox kept saying they trained well during the week, what was he looking at?

It wasn’t a bad game watched on i-follower, and it might just tempt me back into attending shortly, it was certainly a lot better than usual, and if Keith can get some leg work into some of them, who knows!!!

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