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Having not bought one this season I thought I might try Lincoln but there is a long waiting list – no chance
Can’t remember when I last missed one to watch SUFC

I missed one match in the past 13 years since retirement, that was the Sunderland game after sitting in the club car park for an hour, before finding that my season ticket was in a jacket back in Barton. But I will be one of the missing fans this season, just because after the past three seasons, I have that feeling that this season will be even worse if that is possible!!!!. 20 players have left the club, and the four signings to date are four more defenders!!!!!!, just looking back to the end of last season, Scunny failed to score a goal in eight of our last ten matches, and we are now faced with Turan, Hippolyte, Jarvis, Green and Loft, most of whome could not make the team last season!!!

Maybe the club should try pushing the ticket sales on the club web-site !!!!!, I cannot help but think that this situation is being developed for some reason, it is difficult to think how a club can have fallen so badly as Scunny, and at the same time of losing such vast sums of money, why were questions not asked by management on why this situation was happening, and why was a stop not put in place??, we actually started last season witheight straight losses, and ended it with one win in eighteen matches, and WE STILL HAVE THE MANAGER AND HIS SQUAD IN CHARGE, THIS IS NOT REAL, OR IS IT BECAUSE THE CHAIRMAN DOES NOT LIKE SACKING MANAGERS??