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The problem is that the fans are all seeing the creation of a failing model; they cannot see how it can possibly work.
That then means that if all is okay at the club, there really should be reassurances to thousands of Iron supporters. Maybe a few explanations of what the club is doing or trying to do. Particularly against the backcloth of ‘a squad complete from the 31st May’.
Communication with supporters has been very poor in recent years – now it has become non-existent.

If those of us in a near panic situation over the club we love have got to the point where many hundreds – and possibly even thousands – have had enough of this treatment combined with zero entertainment and who are going to vote with their feet – the club’s future will be jeopardised.

Two questions which the club should answer but probably won’t:
1) How many fewer season tickets have been sold than on 7th July 2020 and
2) Does anyone believe that there is the remotest chance of even an 1,800 gate in the first league match here?

Fewer fans + less money for squad strengthening = a club destined to drop further down the leagues.
I am not yet at a point where I am accepting that there is a conspiracy going on here – but I am finding it increasingly difficult to gainsay it.

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