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I doubt he’ll go with Barks as we have Mcgahey fit again.

I’m still a bit nervous. I personally think we should probably go with McGahey in a bid to be as strong as we can at the back, in the hope of nicking one more win to fully guarantee our safety.

Once we “hopefully” get that win…then throw Barks along side Taft. I wouldn’t be against giving Jessop a go upfront with Loft once he’s back from injury and see how they get on.

I still think Hornshaw has something to off in CM as well. I would stick him alongside Beestin and Karacan.

May as well give these players a go.

Hornshaw has no chance of playing just back on the grass having undergone surgery – ring a bell !

Getting the impression that there may be some surprises on the subs bench.