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Going by what has been suggested. I can’t see it being too far away.

Seriously though, what did Swann expect ?.

Swann and the other people who make up the terrible transfer committee, managed to assemble a the most shoddy squad pf playersin a hell of a long time, pre appoints a captain who we all know is a perma crock and then signs an inexperienced manager to somehow turn a team full of kids and non league misfits to something even close to resembling a football side.

The mind boggles. Swann has really pushed the boat at this time. This is why people who know nothing about football shouldn’t involve themselves in signing players. Now we have a ridiculously poor, extremely large squad when funds were already been stretched with no fans through the doors.

If we manage to somehow get ourselves out of this mess, we’ll have to be lucky to say the least.

This is why chairman should sign off on players and not try their hand at anything else. This is what happens.

How many times has Swann been questioned over this transfer committee….he clearly can’t help himself.