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Feel the same as Mick and BS,60 years of support,and our once great little football,is being slowly eroded,by people who have not got a clue how to run a bath never mind a football club,and yes it was better under Steve Wharton,he let the manager manage,feel very bitter towards Swann

exactly, in the 70s and 80s expectations were low but we supported the club and usually put out the same 11 every week in their proper positions and we used to try to win games by attacking teams and some we won and some we didn’t with possibly worse players than we have now, no 5 at the back and negative formations, even if we lost usually the opposing keeper earned his money, now we hardly have a shot at goal and it’s boring to watch with players playing out of position etc.

I agree with most on here, over the last 40years I have seen both the highs and the lows but where we are now is the lowest of the low which is ironic given we have chairman who came in criticised how the club was been run and promised the earth, new stadium, championship status ect and here we are looking at non league next season. We weren’t such a poorly run club under Wharton and Co were we.

I think a lot of this has been brought on by not getting the new ground done and the Chairman has lost a lot of interest.