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Amazing what playing with two strikers and proper wingers achieves. Fancy that, who would have thought.

Maybe there is something in playing positively after all. I’d stick Olomola and Turan upfront on Saturday…can’t do any harm.

Rowe and Onariase can come in as well. No expecting a win by any means. I’d just settle for a better performance.

I’d be tempted to stick Butroid back in at left back. I know he had a dodgy game when he did get his chance but O’Malley “even though I like him and has a lot of talent” is often caught way out of position.

Question is who would partner Onariase ?. Cordner get’s rag dolled like a little girl and Bedeau at times looks a like a death trap.

I’d like to see Dales get more of a go as well…he’s good enough to come off the bench.