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If you weren’t aware, there was a mass gathering in London, looked to be around 1,000 protesting against the face coverings. People are starting to get a bit pissed off now, can’t really blame people really, the face coverings do naff all.

The only masks to are effective are those carbon filter ones which properly filtrate the air. Wearing a normal dust/face mask is more harmful, less oxygen and more breathing your own breath/carbon dioxide is downright daft.

I’m not saying we all go out, have street parties and be packed like sardines in a tin but fans at our ground should be fine, 9,000 capacity ground and we only get around 2-2500 people anyway.

I agree with awaywego in a sense, things should start moving forward now…it’s dragging a little too long for my liking. People drop like flies of common flu every year, the world doesn’t come to a screeching halt.

I say the authorities should give green light to fans of all sports *governed sensibly* and get the ball rolling. Why deprive the fine people of Scunthorpe a chance to see them romp to winning the league this season.

In the fine words of Delia Smith….