Dawson and McArdle issue Plymouth apology

Iron caretaker boss Andy Dawson has moved to draw a line under the furore caused by Josh Morris’ controversial strike in the 3-2 defeat against Plymouth Argyle at Home Park on Saturday.

Dawson has admitted Scunthorpe should have allowed Plymouth to regain a one goal lead following the equalising goal in a statement on the official club website.

The public apology comes after Iron chairman Peter Swann said he was ‘disappointed’ with the lack of sportsmanship shown by his side, as Morris stopped Plymouth ‘keeper Matt Macey’s attempt to throw the ball out of play so he could receive treatment for an ankle injury and chipped the ball into the net.

Dawson said in a statement: “In the heat of the moment it was a difficult situation, with it being such an important game when there was so much at stake, not knowing the full circumstances with the goalkeeper and not seeing exactly what went on.

“In hindsight and having watched it back, we regret the decision made and would have done things differently.

“We are just thankful that it didn’t affect the outcome of the game or influence the league table at the final whistle.”

Iron club captain Rory McArdle, who also came under fire by Swann following the incident added: “Emotions were riding high during the game, and looking back on the situation, we can see why Plymouth and their fans were aggrieved.

“In retrospect, we feel we could have dealt with it in a different manner.”

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  1. Josh under the bus! What a bunch of wan—-. The manager captain and chairman. Has any body asked Josh to comment ?
    I would like to hear his views. So he is out of contract and the club have decided to make him a scapegoat and distraction for our relegation.
    This only confirms how Scunthorpe is run from top to bottom and the reason we are in league two next season with the conference league to follow!!!

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