Welsh angry at pyrotechnic use

Stadium Manager Alan Welsh has issued a statement warning Iron fans against using pyrotechnics after a smoke bomb was let off in the away end at Field Mill on Saturday.

The smoke cannister was set off in a section of the Iron’s away contingent while celebrating Paul Hayes’ thirty yard volley just ten minutes into the game.

Welsh said: “As a result of the actions of one or two individuals, the incident at Mansfield Town has caused the FA to file a report against Scunthorpe United over the pyrotechnic.

“If this continues, the club will receive fines.

“I have looked at the pictures of the incident and a lot of supporters were in the area and were taking photos.

“As I have said on previous occasions, it is an offence to have pyrotechnics in a football ground or even on-route – it is an arrestable offence.

“These reports from the FA and other clubs will mean that you, the supporters, are searched at away grounds if we continue to cause problems.

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