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Iron chairman Peter Swann says he is taking legal action against North Lincolnshire Council over the new stadium project.

SST October 26, 20176:03 pm

Welcome to our live text coverage of Iron chairman Peter Swann on Sportstalk. We are due to start in the next few moments. If you have a question for Peter you can call Radio Humberside on 01472 340959 or 01482 225959.

SST October 26, 20176:05 pm

PS not yet arrived at Radio Humberside…

SST October 26, 20176:10 pm

PS has arrived, will be kicking off shortly.

SST October 26, 20176:15 pm

Peter Swann says it is one thing after the other at the moment. A very busy time, with the hotel project in Blackpool kicking off.

SST October 26, 20176:16 pm

PS says he is feeling good in his 5th season. Says we have improved every season and the challenge is to get promoted. Believes he has brought stability to the club on the playing side and the backroom staff. Thinks we have an excellent manager. GA is learning a lot about the players.

SST October 26, 20176:17 pm

PS says we will ‘undoubtedly’ make the play offs. He is confident. He has his faith in the players and management. He would like to go a step further in the play offs than last time. Feels we can learn from last year and make a successful go of it.

SST October 26, 20176:17 pm

Says if we need additions in January, we will go and get them.

SST October 26, 20176:18 pm

Thought second half against Peterborough was a step in the right direction. Says mistakes have been costly in recent weeks.

SST October 26, 20176:19 pm

Coming up. The question on everybody’s lips. What is going on with the stadium?

SST October 26, 20176:21 pm

PS says he has not given up on the new stadium.

SST October 26, 20176:21 pm

PS says four years ago we identified the need to move and make extra revenue. Did not feel developing GP was a good investment strategy. The first site became too expensive. The council said they would like us to build something iconic to kick start the Lincolnshire Lakes.

SST October 26, 20176:22 pm

PS says we have had a torrid time with Lucents and KMG. Had commitments from Lucents, KMG and the Councillors. Council told PS that they had done due diligence on Lucent.

SST October 26, 20176:23 pm

The secondary site was identified. There were positive signs from the Council. Now they do not want us on the site. PS believes the council may have gone cold on the Lincolnshire Lakes.

SST October 26, 20176:24 pm

The Council are not talking to the club. Swann says the fans and the public of Scunthorpe need to ask the council where their money has been spent. Says that the club have not had one penny from the Council.

SST October 26, 20176:25 pm

PS has confirmed that he is taking legal action against North Lincolnshire Council and KMG.

Says councillor Rob Waltham needs to step up to the plate and provide answers about the Lincolnshire Lakes. PS wants his £1.6million back from KMG.

SST October 26, 20176:29 pm

Says the NHS have been let down as they were one of the main tenants to move into the new stadium. Club are now looking to redevelop Glanford Park to ensure the NHS can be supported. PS says he has been completely shafted.

SST October 26, 20176:32 pm

PS says he is also going to the European Commission.

SST October 26, 20176:36 pm

PS says the club are going to build Glanford Park up. They do not believe they should build on land worth £8million – but have no other option.

They have drawn up the plans to help the NHS, who were one of the tenants for the new stadium – “They need somewhere new to go and haven’t got the capital to do it. We provide the capital, build them in the stadium and give them somewhere to come and work from. It is a great project. Nobody else is going anything. We would have to move our training facilities elsewhere. We can do that half a stadium at a time. It is not really going to effect the fans in any way”

SST October 26, 20176:38 pm

Plans for GP will see capacity for 11,000. Says they own enough land to do the development and do not need to purchase any more land. Says things can move quickly – he is trying to get the drawings together.

SST October 26, 20176:38 pm

“We have not given up. We are trying hard to get it done.”

SST October 26, 20176:39 pm

PS says he is ‘absolutely’ in it for the long haul but admits ‘we might have to cut our cloth a little bit next season’

SST October 26, 20176:42 pm

“The budget is as big as it has ever been.” Confirms that GA had a bigger budget this summer.

SST October 26, 20176:45 pm

Says comments about GA to go are ‘not ridiculous’ when looking at the bigger picture. Says it is modern day football but you can not keep chopping and changing.

SST October 26, 20176:54 pm

PS says the club want to be in and around the top 6 by January and will strengthen if necessary.

SST October 26, 20176:59 pm

PS says a few players in the squad are coming to the end of their contracts but says they must perform if they want to have them extended.

SST October 26, 20176:59 pm

That’s your lot. Thanks for tuning in.

Written by Matt Blanchard

Part of the team since 2007, before becoming editor in 2013. Undertaken the role of match summariser during Scunthorpe United live match commentaries for BBC Radio Humberside. Seasonal contributor to football titles FourFourTwo and When Saturday Comes and a finalist at the Football Blogging Awards in 2014.

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